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nothing great

was weird, boring, and short. and the "to the children killed in 1999" thing just added a factor of douche to it. it was however pretty well animated and the sounds did kind of put a chill to the back of your neck. it was alright work.


goku doing what goku does best, kicking ass.


chronology a little off but pretty good summary. on your comments though your a little off. origins cannot be considered a b-movie because it was big budget blockbuster. also both lady deathstrike and deadpool were villains at the time of their "slaying" (which they both come back from). they werent controlled (deadpool was physically), they both wanted to kill wolverine. lady deathstrike to avenge her father and deadpool just never liked him. anyway, sorry for the little rant. Great work on the flash.

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Try as hard as i might, i cannot find the 3rd key on the 6th level. I ran out of things to hit and still cannot find it. Thought it was the high one over the red tunnel, but that was a 1up. Starting to think it doesnt exist.

other than that, all good.

Fun game, but broke on level 6. One of the multi-hit bubbles got stuck at #1 and wouldn't finish no matter how many times I hit it.

A lot of fun. The only piece of advice I really have is to set less awkward controls. A S & D are not comfortable to control. If you could make the buttons all in a straight line, I believe the game would be more comfortable and therefore more enjoyable. Maybe try switching the D and X controls.

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Why not? He fucks a 13 year old in the comic books.

Rennis5 responds:

lol, very true.
thank you

fuckin right

i love deadpool, and this was just awesome. the only thing missing is some smartass remark from him.


this is kickass, but shouldnt it be in the flash portal?

NinjuhBoyBLU responds:

Animation or not it wasn't made in flash so that would defeat the point.

love movies, anime, video games. you know, average nerd.

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